Taxation Without Representation or How Every Revolution Begins

By now, I’m sure every KLite knows that our assessment rate (cukai pintu) will be hiked up to 300 per cent. WTF right?!

I want to laugh (or cry or go on a hulk rage… I no longer know the appropriate emotion to react to news concerning KL anymore) when some quarters say that this hike is meant to hit property owners with multiple houses. Dei… they will be the ones who would be profitting the most lah – apa susah.. they just transfer the burden to the renters.

The ones who will be hit hard by the drastic raise in assessment rate would be a) the KL property owners with JUST ONE house who might be forced to sell off their house if they cannot maintain it (mostly retirees or pensioners who bought the house waayyy back when), and b) the young renters who are now faced with higher rents or the prospect of moving away from KL.

Just read (one of) the biggest pile of contradictory crockshit ever:

Namun katanya, Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur telah menghantar notis tentang perkara itu dan masih membuka ruang untuk menerima maklum balas dari penduduk Kuala Lumpur sehingga 17 Disember ini.

“Kalau rakyat tak setuju, boleh tulis kepada DBKL dan kerajaan BN akan pertimbangkan.

“Kerajaan ini kerajaan yang adil,” katanya.

Menurutnya lagi, kerajaan bersedia mempertimbang sebarang maklum balas walaupun kenaikan cukai itu tetap akan diteruskan. [emphasis mine] (source)

Hahahahaha… *ketawa dalam tangisan*

What he is saying is that, ‘your protests will be duly noted but in the end, WE WILL STILL DO WHATEVER WE WANT!’ (Sial ke tak sial ayat Tengku Adnan di atas?!)

So fellow KLites, apa lagi mengamuk lah! I don’t know what it is but it’s definitely NOT democracy to pay exorbitant rates and taxes to the people we never voted for.  Opposition MPs of Kuala Lumpur are crying afoul over DBKL’s decision to hike up assessment rate without proper announcement. It’s pretty much all they can do anyway since ALL of the decisions regarding Kuala Lumpur are decided by KL Mayor and FT Minister that are elected by the the Federal Government. (Sigh, there is so much money to be had in Kuala Lumpur that they created a special portfolio for it).

Fellow KLites,  demand for local government elections! Let’s NOT pay assessment rate and quit rent until local government election is restored.


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