The 2012 Auditor General report on DBKL

Good citizens of Kuala Lumpur, do you know how well DBKL spends our taxpayers’ money? Below are some of Auditor-General’s report on DBKL in 2012.

DBKL awarded City Orchard Park project worth RM17.25 million to Zikhtar Associates Sdn. Bhd via direct negotiation without the approval of Ministry of Finance.


The City Orchard Park project failed because the contractor and the consultant are not experts in orchard development.


Air Panas Neighbourhood Park failed to finish on time because the contractor was digging, processing and taking sand out of the project site for personal use. Was AG report trying to say that the contractor *gasp* stole sand from the project site? 


Out of the original 2,528 trees planted at the city orchard, 1,084 trees (42.9%) died, whereby the death rate of fruit trees and forest trees were 55.1% and 39.3% respectively.


To replace the trees, DBKL spent RM0.56 million on 386 ‘instant’ trees.

By the way, why are the trees from Syarikat Lian Mong International and Muhamad Takyudin Hj. Hashim 8-150 times more expensive than the trees from Tanam Corp Jaya Sdn. Bhd and Tetuan Lanskap Anggun?

For e.g., the nam-nam trees from Syarikat Lian Mong International Sdn. Bhd. cost RM12,000 each whereas the nam-nam trees from Tetuan Lanskap Anggun cost RM106.80 each. Another e.g., the rambutan trees from Muhamad Takyudin Hj. Hashim cost RM7,650 each whereas the rambutan trees from Tanam Corp Jaya Sdn. Bhd cost RM150 each.


6 work components under 2 DBKL projects worth RM25.11 juta were not done according to specification.


10 works under 2 DBKL projects worth RM25.11 million did not meet the quality control requirements.


The price DBKL paid for landscape trees was 11%-134% higher than the price list set by National Landscape Department.


22 work components under 5 DBKL projects worth RM43.50 million were not maintained properly.


From the AG report, it is evident that DBKL has failed to provide essential services at the lowest costs possible.

It is grossly unfair and downright criminal to demand money from the people when DBKL has not managed the taxpayers’ money efficiently.

AG report taken from: Laporan Maklum Balas Daripada Perbendaharaan Malaysia Ke Atas Isu-Isu Utama Dalam Laporan Ketua Audit Negara Siri 1 Mengenai Aktiviti Kementerian / Jabatan Dan Pengurusan Syarikat Kerajaan Persekutuan Bagi Tahun 2012

Latest news on City Orchard Park:
The Star Monday November 18, 2013 – City Orchard Park project yet to bear much fruit


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