More on Assessment Rate Hike

Today we received Notis Menyemak Semula Senarai Nilaian.

bil cukai taksiran (proposed)

This was our bill back in July 2013.

bil cukai taksiran 2013

Our annual value was RM11,400 and now it has soared to RM73,200 – that’s almost sevenfold increase in value! How did DBKL derive the numbers for the annual value anyway?

DBKL didn’t say how many per cent of the proposed annual value is new assessment rate but if they kept it at 6%, we’d have to pay RM4392 annually(!!) when we only used to pay RM684. However, since the hike is reportedly around 267%, the new assessment rate should be revised to 2.5% of the proposed annual value.

2.5% of RM73,200 is RM1830 – still a HUGE increase from RM684!

Even if they reduce the assessment rate to only 1% of the proposed annual value, there would still be an increase in tax (RM732 instead of the old rate of RM684). We wouldn’t mind paying an increase of RM50 but to pay RM1000 more than the current rate, DBKL might as well rob us at gunpoint.

Tomorrow, my family will sign the Petition to Oppose DBKL’s Increase of the Assessment Tax at Dewan Komuniti Bukit Bandaraya. We hope you will join us. Nurul Izzah will collect it on behalf of Lembah Pantai residents.


If you cannot make it tomorrow, send your petition directly to DBKL. Nurul Izzah has kindly provided the template for the Surat Bantahan Cukai. You can download it here. The petition has to arrive at City Hall the latest by 17 December 2013.

People of Kuala Lumpur, we must show solidarity! If DBKL only received 1000 surat bantahan when the population of Kuala Lumpur is around 1.6 million, they would claim that majority of KL residents agree with the increase in assessment rate.

In the UK, any petitioner securing more than 100,000 signatures will expect a debate in the House of Commons [source]. In the US, if the petition garners 25,000 signatures within 30 days, the White House will issue a response [source]. In Malaysia, they just throw the petition to the bin but nevertheless we, KL residents, must show to the world that we wholeheartedly, vehemently, oppose the tyranny of DBKL and we will not stand for it.


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