#TIL #AssessmentRateHike

1) Today I learned that the annual property value is linked to the annual rental value.

The amount of assessment tax or cukai pintu is made up of two variables: the annual value of the properties and the percentage tax rates decided by the local council, such as DBKL. If the estimated rental value of a property is RM2,000 a month, the annual value of a property is RM24,000. If DBKL sets the rate at 6%, the cukai pintu is RM1,440. Since assessment tax is collected twice a year, the property owner has to pay RM720 at the beginning of the year and the remaining RM720 in August [source].

The newly proposed annual property value for our house is RM73,200 which means if we were to rent it, we are supposed to get a monthly rental of RM6,100? Hahahahahaha… who would pay a rent of RM6,100/mth for a double storey linked house (even if it’s in Bangsar)?

2) Today I learned that Tengku Adnan’s wife owns a number of properties in Kuala Lumpur, including a penthouse. Like I said, multiple property owners will benefit the most from the assessment rate increment- they can spike rental rates like crazy! I’m wondering if Tengku Adnan is doing this for his own benefit.

“I was having trouble explaining the difference to my wife who owns a number of properties in Kuala Lumpur [source].

3) Today I learned that both, Tengku Adnan and his wife cannot do math.

“The annual rental value for her penthouse in the city apparently shot up from RM40,000 to RM117,000, while the assessment rates were unchanged at 6 per cent. So her bill which was about RM4,000 will now double.

“She still grumbled when she discovered she had to pay double her old bill so I told her to submit an objection,” he said [source].

6% of RM40,000 is RM2,400 NOT about RM4,000. 6% of RM117,000 is RM7,020. The increase is more than double, it’s almost triple. Maybe, they got confused because they owned so many properties.

Wait a minute… if the assessment rate for our house is unchanged at 6%, we’d have to pay RM4392 (RM73,200 x 6%)!!! WTF!!

4) Today I learned that The Mayor and FT Minister have little regard for the people (I knew that but today it was confirmed).

When the 11 Kuala Lumpur MPs turned up at the City Hall (DBKL) tower for a meeting with Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and Mayor Datuk Ahmad Phesal Talib, the last thing they expected was to be asked to sign an Official Secrets Act (OSA) form.

Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng stopped Tengku Adnan from starting with the meeting until an explanation was given.

“We are supposed to be discussing the planned assessment tax increment and the Kuala Lumpur City 2020 amended draft plan. Why were we asked to sign an OSA contract?

“We were there to discuss people-related issues. Don’t tell me this is under the OSA,” he said.

According to him, Tengku Adnan stated that the contract was to protect government officers during meetings [source].

Hahaha.. invoking OSA act to protect government officers from going to jail – bravo! MPs are elected representatives, they must be accountable to the people and they must act in the public interest. They are expected to relay information to the people NOT hide information from them. To threaten the MPs with incarceration if they reveal the minutes of the meeting is daft and sinister at the same time. Yup, the FT minister and the mayor sound like the real-life Dick Dastardly and Muttley, alright.

Mansuh OSA! We want a fair and transparent government!

5) Today I learned that the FT Minister and The Mayor are greedy bastards (I knew that but today they it came straight from the horse’s mouth).

Lim also stated that the next assessment collection is estimated to give City Hall an additional RM400 million, over and above the RM400 million collected this year.

Meanwhile, Tengku Adnan said City Hall intends to make the city more self-sustainable.

“The federal government is giving us sufficient funds, but we’d rather raise most of our own funds,” he said.

If the Federal Government gives enough fund, why the need to increase the assessment rate? One must remember that the money from Federal Government comes from the people as well – through corporate and personal income taxes.

So, why do they need another RM400 million from the people? To give the hardcore poor free housing? Free water? Free electricity? (NOT FREE btw… should be paraphrased to ‘PAID FOR by the people of KUALA LUMPUR’).

They never say why they want more money, and yet they ask for more money. WTF?! Corrupted greedy fuckers, go and die in a fire.


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