Why is our government so spiteful towards Chinese and Hindu temples?

With the demolition of  101-year-old Sri Muniswarar Kaliyaman temple off Jalan P. Ramlee  still fresh in our minds, comes another news of another temple on the brink of destruction.

Even though the demolition is only partial  – only the mural wall, fish pond and the adjacent caretaker’s home that houses a shrine are slated to be demolished – they are clearly the defining structures of the temple.


What’s with the need to destroy the beautifully carved  Nine-Dragon Wall? I mean, really… wouldn’t an exotic looking Chinese temple be good for our tourism industry, especially since this year is supposedly Visit Malaysia Year and all?

Sri Muniswarar Kaliyaman temple had to be destroyed because Hap Seng needed the land where the temple is sited to be made into a walkway. (I know right?! What kind of bastard would allow the destruction of a 101-year old temple so that the land it occupied can be turned into a walkway? Yeah, that would be our government.)

I wonder why DBKL wanted to demolish the Nine-Dragon Wall and the fish pond so bad. Is there a crony developer behind all this fiasco?

The temples are spared for now but we all know that it’s just a delay not a cancellation.

P/s: Najib is the worst liar ever. Undurlah.



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