Leave our forest reserves alone!

Early this month, I read a news article that FRIM was under threat but was later relieved to know that our Natural Resources and Environment Minister did not want a highway splitting FRIM. However please note the sentence underlined in yellow that said, “at this point in time” meaning the government might change their mind at a later point in time.

frim the star

FRIM Director-General, Dr. Abdul Latif Abd Hamid knows this all too well which is why he is pushing very hard for FRIM Kepong to be listed as a UNESCO heritage site.

They have to hurry because I believe that once a historical site has been altered, it can no longer be considered as a UNESCO heritage site (re: Sungai Buloh Leprosy Settlement, Lembah Bujang). However, it is still eligible to be listed as a national heritage site (which means diddly squat really). To apportion a small piece of land from a vast historical site as a national heritage site is just a token act when you have reduced most of the area (and all of its rich history) to dust.

the edge

Forest reserves don’t have any financial value, you say?

frim the star2

By the way, FRIM Kepong is not the only forest reserve under threat. Four other forest reserves Selangor, namely Ampang, Bukit Seputeh, Ulu Gombak and Ulu Langat Forest Reserves are now being proposed for de-gazettement. The forest reserves are important water catchment areas for Klang Valley but do our government care about that when they signed the agreement with the concessionaire? No, because our government never think about sustainability, just short term $$$.

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