Gentrification 101: Burn ’em to the ground

Back in 2009, there was this rumour going around that DBKL/FT Ministry were the ones responsible for the fire in Kampung Kerinchi.

Intrigued, I went and searched around the net to find out whether there’s any truth behind the allegation. I do not have concrete proof but there seems to be a pattern emerging in all the fire affecting the urban villages – a) that they started from an empty house, b) the fire happened mostly during festive seasons, and c) no casualties recorded.

Kampung Kerinchi, 2009. Source: Bernama

Puah Sentul

 Kampung Puah Bahagia, 2013 source

MAIWPKampung Puah Bahagia dan Kampung Chubadak, 2013. source

kebakaran kg medanKampung Perangsang Permai, 2001 source

Kg BaruKampung Baru, 2014. source

Sungai PenchalaKampung Sungai Penchala, 2013. source


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