So today I read a cringeworthy NST interview with Abdul Rahman Dahlan (dated 30 June 2014)

In the article entitled “City folks could use more parks“, The Kota Belud MP was lamenting the fact that KL does not have ‘outdoorsy culture’. Well whose fault is it?

He adds:

We don’t have a park-going or picnicking culture. People no longer go to parks to spend time with their friends. Instead, they go to mamak restaurants for a teh tarik.

Umm… the reason people go out to mamak to hang out is because there are no free place for you to chill with your friends without security guards chasing you out for loitering or the police arresting you for illegal assembly. That’s what consumerist culture is all about – you are seen as deviant if you want to hang out in public without spending any money.

Also, some parks in the city are not user- friendly. I can’t imagine why we spend so much money on some of them. There’s this little stretch of land that is so nicely manicured but nobody is in there. Why? Because there was no parking (bold emphasis mine). Yet, it was manicured to perfection and we must have spent so much money on it. We need people to go to parks to take off their socks and shoes and walk around the grass and enjoy life. That is what we should do. KLCC is, of course, too small and Titiwangsa is too far. You have to get through the horrendous traffic jam (bold emphasis mine). Instead, we spend money on expensive coffees and flock to mamak stalls.

How does having more car parks make people want to visit parks or eliminate traffic jams? It doesn’t correlate at all. If there’s a traffic jam, does the fact that a park has parking facilities make you want to go there? NO.

So no, I vehemently disagree with building multi-storey car parks at KL Lake Gardens, Kepong Lake Gardens, Bukit Kiara Park etc. Building car parks would not make people want to go to parks. Worse, you are destroying a chunk of the green lung just to make way for the eye sore that is the car park.

We have a huge piece of land in Titiwangsa and Bukit Kiara, but the LRT doesn’t go there (bold emphasis mine). If you worked in KLCC, would you go to Titiwangsa? It would take you an hour to get there. That’s why we need pockets of land within the city centre.

KLCC is, of course, too small and Titiwangsa is too far. I would love it if we could have little parks with nice trees in pockets in the city. For example, London has spaces for buskers and little shops.

I admit I do agree with his statement above. You want parks like in London? Their huge parks are all accessible by the tube. Parks must be accessible by public transport, preferably LRT or MRT. End of. So why isn’t the Lake Gardens served by any public transportation? Whose fault is that?

NST: How about availability of land in urban centres?

Abdul Rahman Dahlan: We do have but it’s a private land, so it’s very expensive. Biggest components for any house construction is, of course, the land. We have been toying with some ideas. I suggest that we do two things – the government must set aside some money starting now to develop a land bank …Say, for example the government gives you RM1 billion – I can start buying the land in urban areas and build up the reserves so that when we build up houses or we can use that up for schools in the future (bold emphasis: mine).

Oh we have big parcel of lands in KL where the LRT/Monorail pass through but can’t be turned into public parks because they are private lands. Remind us again dear minister how did the empty urban lands become private lands?

Those empty lands in KL – the Pudu Jail Area, Merdeka Park, Plaza Rakyat, ex-Pekeliling Flats and even ex-Unilever Land in Bangsar – areas where the LRT/Monorail pass through were lands previously owned by the government but were sold/land swapped to private developers on the cheap!

And now this bloody minister is lamenting the lack of public lands and wants the government to set aside RM1 Billion to buy lands in urban centres! Wait a minute. Let me get this straight… the government sold lands/land swapped the on the cheap only to buy them back at an exorbitant price? Who are you trying to fool?

Now this man wants RM1 billion of our taxpayers’ money?!! FUCK YOU. NOT A SEN SHOULD BE GIVEN TO THIS MONEY GRUBBING SWINDLER! Would you trust this man, the same man who displaced the the folks at Kampung Abdullah Hukum to buy lands for the rakyat and turn them into schools and affordable housing?  Lest we forget:

malaysiakini ecocitysource

Look at the post above and tell me you don’t find it sick that three of the people named above got higher posts (and more power) in the government in just one year. Khairy and Abdul Rahman Dahlan weren’t even ministers then and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has gotten a bigger portfolio, from Defence Minister to Home Minister.

Kampung Abdullah Hukum in pictures below [Will add the pic source later. They are all googlable]


abdullah hukum rumahrumah roboh abdulah hukum nazrey 2008

abdullahhukum2009nazrey ecocitylandclear

kl eco city0 kl eco cityKL Eco City (1)

Just like that our urban village, our history is gone. Do not let the same thing happen to Kampung Baru.

I want to rip his throat out when he said:

 I have a crazy idea: why don’t we turn golf courses into parks? That would be my dream. But I would be demonised by a particular segment.

Just say it, you are afraid to be demonised by the 1% rich elite but don’t even give a rat’s ass about the urban poor who are getting more and more displaced with each passing day.

Another laughable quote by Abdul Rahman Dahlan:

We need people to go to parks to take off their socks and shoes and walk around the grass and enjoy life.

Most parks or gardens in Malaysia have a sign post telling parkgoers “JANGAN PIJAK RUMPUT” and you say it like we Malaysians are an uptight bunch who don’t know how to have fun. Fuck you.



Compare it with Toronto, Sydney, London where park goers are encouraged to walk on the grass.

Canada 2009 - Toronto Islandsource

DCP00182 sydneysource

natures-playground-6natures-playground-11  source



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