Of news and informawhore

I am a news junkie. Always been and always will. Ever since I learnt how to read, the first thing I do in the morning, even before I have my breakfast, was to read the newspapers. Even now, in the age of internet, the habit still persists.

Reading newspapers is different from reading the news online because you are your own curator of the things you want to read. The physical act of flipping the papers gets you to scan the pages for things that are interesting to you. But when you read the news online, you only mostly read things the editors want you to read or things they think you might enjoy reading.

Besides, the whole act of holding a newspaper in your hand is a such a sensorial delight. That rustling crisp sound as you flip the pages, that distinct newspaper smell that is noxious and heady at the same time, that tactile feel of the smooth-sandy paper which stains the tip of your fingers and anything that come contact with it. I love it.

So I thought on this blog, I would put up newspaper articles that interest me.

Starting tomorrow.


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